DWM Heating Ltd are specialists in all aspects of plumbing, gas, boilers and central heating systems for domestic customers. We are Gas Safe accredited, and workwith both natural gas and LPG. 

Gas Safe Register 

DWM Heating Ltd takes gas safety seriously.  
All of our engineers are on the Gas Safe Register and will have their official identity card when you ask  
to see it. 

Click here to view registration 

Introduction to the Gas safe register 

Gas Safe Register is the official gas safety organisation in Great Britain. It replaced CORGI on 1st April 2009. Gas Safe Register is responsible for the registration and regulation of gas engineers. Membership is mandatory for any company or engineer working with gas appliances. If you would like to find out more about Gas Safe Register you can call 0800 408 5500 or visit the Gas Safe Register. 

Plumbing Services 

We offer a fast reactive as well as proactive service for all sizes of plumbing jobs. We are experienced and professional and work quickly and efficiently to produce quality results. No job is too big or too small; whether it’s repairing an old leaking tap or installing an entirely new central heating system or bathroom. Our friendly engineers will guide you through the works being carried out and can answer any queries you may have. All works are fully guaranteed and our engineers are insured for your peace of mind. 

Boiler Servicing and Installation 

Our team of experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers (previously known as Corgi) are qualified to service, repair and install any type of vented and un-vented hot water and heating systems including traditional stored water systems, combination boilers and high efficiency condensing boilers at 
very competitive rates. All works comply with the Part L (2001) Building Regulations and come with our own 12 month guarantee. 
Annual servicing is an essential part of ensuring efficient operation of your boiler, minimizing breakdowns and reducing running costs. Seasonal pricing promotions are available throughout the year so call now to enquire and book. 
With our long-standing close working relationship with leading suppliers we are able to ensure that in the unfortunate event of a breakdown our highly skilled team are able to source parts quickly to ensure that your heating and water systems are operational again with minimum disruption 
and down-time. 

Power Flushing 

We also offer a Power Flush Service of your heating system. A Power Flush is the most effective way to clean heating systems. we use specialist chemicals from Kamco, and a purpose built power flushing pump designed to cure circulation and boiler noise problems caused by the accumulations of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale, which can be found in many ageing central heating systems. Following this system cleanse we dose your system with corrosion inhibitors to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. 

Central Heating 

Our Central heating specialists will work with you to consult, design, plan, and install your new or replacement, energy efficient heating solution. We will select an appropriate heating system that is tailored to the needs of your home. Infinite Heating strictly adheres to all the required safety procedures and our plumbers and heating engineers are all Gas Safe Registered. 
A Central heating installation will usually include: 
A new boiler, 
Radiators sized accordingly and fitted with thermostatic valves 
New pipe work 
New Hot Water Cylinder if existing cylinder does not comply with current building regulations 

Central Heating Repairs 

DWM Heating and Plumbing has a dedicated repairs response team. Our engineers will quickly respond to assess your needs. Where possible, repairs will be carried out immediately and the engineer will arrange to supply and fit new parts only when it is necessary. Our supplier discounts ensure our customers always benefit from competitively priced products. 
When making a request for a repair, please tell our telephone representatives if there are any vulnerable occupants at the property (Disabled, elderly, infant or those with any special needs). We will then aim to fast track your call and restore your systems to good working order as soon as possible. 

Combi Boiler 
An example of a central heating and hot water system layout using a combi boiler 

High efficiency condensing combi or combination boiler is an great space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes. In fact, combis now account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year. 
The major benefit between a combi and any other type of boiler is that a combi eliminates the need to store hot water – so no need for a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. 
It is both a high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler, combined (hence the name) within one compact boiler unit which usually sits in a kitchen or utility room, or sometimes in the airing cupboard 
(There are number of considerations when choosing where to sight your boiler again we will be more than happy to advise you on where is best) . 
Having a combi boiler will result in saving space from the fact there is no hot water storage cylinder, cold water storage cistern or other familiar components of a regular (conventional) heating system. 
Another major benefits of having a combi boiler installed are the significant saving on  
hot water costs, and the fact that hot water is delivered through your taps or shower at  
mains pressure. 
So you can enjoy powerful showering* without the need for a pump. Another combi benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs, since no tank in the roof space means less pipe work and a shorter installation time. 
*a thermostatically-controlled shower safeguards against sudden changes in water temperature. 
An example of a central heating and hot water system layout using a regular boiler or open vented boiler. 
If you are replacing an older model of boiler, the chances are that you will have a regular (conventional) boiler. A typical conventional system incorporates a boiler and extended controls, a feed and expansion cistern, and a hot water cylinder (usually in the airing cupboard) which is often fed by a cold water storage cistern located in the loft. 
*a thermostatically-controlled shower safeguards against sudden changes in water temperature. 
An example of a central heating and hot water system layout using a system boiler with an open vented cylinder. 
Unlike a combi, both a system boiler and a regular (conventional) boiler work on the principle of stored hot water – but a system boiler differs from a regular boiler in some important respects. Firstly, many of the major individual components of the heating and hot water system are built in, which means that installation is quicker, neater, easier and more efficient. 
Secondly, the hot water is pumped from the boiler through the system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, resulting in a fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern which again is neater and saves on installation costs. 
Unvented Water Cylinder 
An example of a central heating and hot water system layout using a system boiler with an unvented cylinder. 
An unvented cylinder can be added to any conventional system at any time which will eradicate the need for shower pumps and give you the benefit of mains pressure hot water to all your taps, and are more efficient 
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